frequently asked questions

The UV Phone Sanitizer emits UV light to kill germs on your hands or objects within a short period of time, without additional use of any liquid / chemicals.

UV light is a short-wavelength ultraviolet light that destroys nucleic acids in microorganisms and disrupts their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. Most bacteria, viruses and mold exposed to UV light will be killed/inactivated, and UV may even neutralize “superbugs” that are antibiotics-resistant.

If you use your phone daily, it probably is exposed to germs 7 more times as compared to other body parts!

Yes, many personal items, such as your keys and small accessories, can be used with the UV CellphoneSanitizer as long as they fit into the compartment.

If you suspect that the item may be sensitive to UV light, please consult the corresponding manufacturer beforehand.

The light source of UV CellphoneSanitizer adopts UV LED, and it is safer than other similar products in the market that use UV light bulb (that may contain mercury).

Users must still follow the safety instructions of the product at all times.

The UV CellphoneSanitizer runs in less than 15 seconds.

There is no scientific research confirming whether UV-C light can kill COVID-19 virus at this moment. However, the UV Phone Sanitizer works on 99.9% common household germs.

Yes, you may bring our UV CellphoneSanitizer on the plane.

The UV Phone Sanitizer is neither water-resistant nor water-proof.